Sometimes it happens that you changed your mind after paying for the products that was delivered to you for some reason. You can return the products to Herbal Cafe, but the return window is 7 days after the product has been delivered. To return the product to us, you will need to follow the next instructions: Send the complaint to the e-mail address Make sure to include the photos of your product for evidence. Once the complaint is considered by herbal cafe return service, you will receive the information about the way the products can be shipped to us.

Kit must be returned in the package it was sold in, all products sealed, untampered and intact.

Note that you will be fully responsible for the cost of shipping and reparations are done to your product, where defects are not covered by warranty from the manufacturer, Herbal Cafe will not be replacing or refunding the items in this category.

Where products are inspected and you are eligible for a refund or exchange, the revert or exchange will be done after 10 working days via MasterCard or Visa card payment or any payment platform by deemed suitable.